Friday, January 29, 2010

The Combobulater: Going Live!!

Hey Everyone,

The Combobulater recently dragged itself out of a wintery hibernation with three podcasts in the last three weeks!!

We're still not quite in a stride of podcasting and updating the blog, but hey we're doing our best! All of this is in preperation for The Combobulater moving into a new platform, OMFG.

Original Media for Gamers will host our little cast on their live stream, every Thursday evening at 19:00 EST (will need to double check the time zone). An archive will also be available since technically we are are not recording live on a week to week basis.

This Monday though, for one hour we will be live!!

Feb. 1st is launch day for the station and we have been invited to join the 24 hour party to introduce ourselves to the community. Come enjoy the train wreck as we get to grips with real life safety net!!

The Combobulater is slotted in for a 22:00 GMT session.

It ought to be interesting.