Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Combobulater: December 5th 2009

Hey Guys,

It has been a while since I looked at this blog and since myself and Burnsy last got together to record. Things have been rather busy over the last number of weeks. Behind the scenes I am still looking to work out our move to WoW Radio.
Expect a new intro to the show this week and a music bed in the background. In the meantime I have also been trying to keep on top of my studying. Hence the serious neglect of the blog, forums here and my duties elsewhere!! Hopefully things will settle down in the New Year but for now I am still running round like a headless chicken.

Plenty to talk about on this week's show. Despite all the chaos there has been some room for gaming. Both me and Burnsy have thrown ourselves into Dragon Age recently, join us as we share our thoughts on Bioware's epic fantasy adventure.

Our main talking point this episode is 'Games we think will fall under the radar'. Quarter four is always a busy time of the year for publishers as they all look to cash in on Christmas, but is it always wise to throw your game in amongst the heavyweights?

We give you a rundown of the five games we think have or will perform under the expectations of the publisher. Including titles such as Bayonetta, Dead Space Extraction and more.

Email in your thoughts on games you think will be overlooked in the rush this Christmas, and do the big hitters (MW 2, AC 2) deserve their place at the top of the chart this year?

Thanks for joining us,

Music this week was produced by 'Dr. Manhatten' and can be found at

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