Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Combobulater: June 20th 2009. Activision Vs. Sony!

The Combobulater for June 20th 2009 is up and this week sees us tackle an interesting pair of articles that can be found at

As Sony struggle to pull their profit margin into line, at the cost of 16,000 jobs and various divisions having to shut up shop, Activision come along to offer a real kick in the teeth.

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick reports that they are seriously considering dropping support for Sony's platforms unless a price reduction is forced onto the hardware. Activision claim that 'attach rates' are significantly less on the Playstation 3 when compared to rival platforms and if something isn't done to address this issue then the consequences will be quite harsh on Sony.

Is this all Sony's fault though? Discussion on our cast points out that Sony are the ones here that have invested heavily in R&D to get the PS3 out to consumers. The fact that the market place fails to conceive it's value for money is not entirely Sony's fault. Though I agree more could be done to incentivise buying a PS3 (better bundles at the RRP for example) the Combobulater crew are not convinced Sony could do much more. Especially at a time of global recession and restructuring within Sony's company.

Tune in for our discussion on this issue, and more, in this week's Combobulater podcast and drop by our forums and share your opinions with us.




Burnsy said...

Activision is the devil...

BELTRAD said...

It might not be sony's fault but when both main compeditor are alot cheeper and outselling the PS3 think sony should see its better to sell some systems at a loss, gain market share and get ppl intrested In it again rather then drag along bottom of the charts and slowly dissapear.