Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The New Look Combobulater site!!

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to the new look Combobulater home page!!

First order of business is to extend a huge amount of thanks to Andrew Anderson who has taken the time to redesign this site and integrate a blog into the Combobulater homepage. I'm really impressed with the way the page has come together and in such little time!!

The idea now is to press forward with the podcast and expand our audience and our content. So where do we plan to go from here, I'm glad you asked!

The podcast has always been a casual affair with myself and Burnsy getting together every couple of weeks to chat about what we've been up to and share our views on gaming/movie/TV gossip and headlines. We're not hardcore journalists scouring the web for news and we're not sophisticats airing our opinions.

So the blog will follow suit, albeit in a more regular form (I hope!). My aim is to blog at least once a week and articles will come as a mixed bag of sharing news and jotting up thoughts on the state of various things. For example, I'm keen to discuss what Blizzard should learn from other MMOs which will involve me pulling up examples of interesting traits found in multiple MMOs that are lacking in World of Warcraft.

Meanwhile gaming headlines will no doubt grab my attention and I shall share those with ad-hoc.

So there you have it! The Combobulater has taken its first foray into a regular blog and I hope those of you that listen to the cast will share your comments and get involved with the community we're striving to setup here. Be sure to jump into the forums, air your own views and prompt discussion on the cast!!

Catch you later,


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