Monday, July 13, 2009

The Combobulater: July 11th 2009

Hey Guys,

The latest episode of the Combobulater podcast has been uploaded.

Join us this week as we figure out how bad a friend Emeny really is to Burnsy! How did I forget his birthday so blatantly!!

Also, there's plenty of talk about the games we've been playing including a look at LotrO, WoW, Ghostbusters and more.

Headlines pulled from lead us to discuss Sony finally having a say on the potential price drop on the PS3. All signs point to No at the moment but can Sony really hold their ground in the run up to Christmas '09 - we think not!
We also briefly look at Microsoft considering adding a fee to their recently released 1vs100 title on Xbox Live! Is this one step away from introducing gambling on our consoles and is there any danger here of kids getting sucked in?

Be sure to sign up to our forums and have you say on these topics and anything else you'd like to bring to our attention. Give us some content to play with folk :)

Thanks for tuning in.


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Burnsy said...

Sorry for the terrible audio quality on Emeny's behalf. You need to sort that s**t, moffo!!!