Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Combobulater: July 25th 2009

Hey Everyone,

The latest show is live!! This week we mosey on through what we've been playing, which includes chat on WoW, LotrO, Ghostbusters and Fable 2.

This week wasn't quite as well prepared as we've been of late so we jumped into the second half of the show and decided to venture into territory we haven't touched in a long time: Movies!

Join us as talk about Aeon Flux, National Treasure 2, Hellboy 2 and the recently remade Halloween.

The segues neatly into the recent announcement that Sam Raimi is set to direct (or at least chip in on) the World of Warcraft movie! How much credability does Raimi bring to the setup and will Bruce Campbell be handed a cameo as a Tauren bull or Goblin voice over?

We also consider Rockstar's recent announcement that quash the idea of a GTA movie, unless they can resolve their creative concerns. A fair stance from the studio that wishes to uphold the integrity of their franchise.

Finally, we reveal how Burnsy is cooking up a Swine flu super virus and apparently the world will end at the hands of Agent 47, bar a handful of people (11 to be precise) who will repopulate the Earth.

Go grab the show and check it out :)

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